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at the gas station

I was pumping gas for nomadraven and while I was standing there, minding my own business, a woman at the pump on the other side said to me, out of nowhere:

"Did you hear how Obama was on the Arab News station? ...Al-Jazeera."

I was a little caught off guard, but after a beat, I picked it up.

"Actually it wasn't Al-Jazeera, it was Al-Arabiya."

Now it was *her* that was caught off guard, although my tone wouldn't have indicated any such attempt, since in all fairness, her opening statement *could* have been neutral, after all. Well, that didn't last.

"We can't negotiate with terrorists."

Okay. I sort of expected this, but before I could get my words together, she proceeded.

"And this bailout? It's payback."

As she started to go down another line of disrespect for her nation's duly elected president, I responded.

"If every person who watches Arab television is a terrorist, then we have a lot bigger problems than the economy."

She demurred, copping out with a "Well, it's wait and see, buddy" as I moved over further to my side of the pump island. As she got into her car, she finished with "For national security, now we've got nothing."

What gets me about all this is not that she and people like her still think they are Right and still think they are the majority (although nothing else indicates this). Nor is it that people believe that Fox News tripe.

No, what gets me is why she chose to bring this up to me, a stranger, with no obvious political indications. And what way did she expect I would respond to her? Do I not look sufficiently hippie/Berkeley-radical anymore? Why did she seem so unprepared to get a minimally clever retort?

Why Dittoheads Fail, chapter one.
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{rain,snow}pocalypse 09

First it was the snow, now it's the rain.

Every highway out of this area is closed except for Interstate 5 going north from here. Which means the only place to go out of Seattle is Vancouver, Canada, except by plane, assuming flights aren't delayed or canceled due to things like storms or say a flooded or too-slick runway.

There's no way around, at least not without going through Canada.

Times like now make this feel like a lot less like a major urban area and a lot more like smack in the middle of literally nowhere. I can't imagine being completely unable to get from, for example, Boston to Providence or NYC by roads of any sort, but that is pretty much functionally analogous to what is happening here.

And it happened last winter too.
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So I was peeking at my StyleFeeder page today. StyleFeeder is a site that some old friends of mine work for, and it is based on this principle: given the set of things you own or want, you can extrapolate more things you want from the set of all things. (Let's just accept this postulate for now; I've got issues with it, or at least their application of it so far, but TNHNT.)

So, you create a "feed" of things you own or want via the site; for example there is a nifty FF plugin that you can use when you are on any common e-commerce site's product page and it will near-automagically import that item into your feed. In addition to this, they have a feature on the website which you can look up your Amazon wish list, and it will be imported into your feed.

Well, the page doesn't work. Not in FF or IE, due to JS errors.

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What annoys me about all this is not so much the Web 2.0 supercriticality, or the fact that the page doesn't work, but that I can figure out all that, yet still haven't gotten a new job, in a field where most people in it wouldn't have had any idea where to start on this.
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The snow has melted, everyone. Temp is steady at 40. We had strong winds today, there were evergreen bits everywhere, and a 2 second power blink. We're back to a normal Seattle winter.

I drifted up here wayward like a snowflake
And as soon as I arrived, I wished that I was home
But a good friend said: My man, this is your home now
Though it might be stark as a hole in hell, as cold as a frozen gnome*
I know you've come a long long way
From your sweet warm house in the USA
And cold has more than one way to turn you blue
But here we relieve the inner chill with a choice word or two

It's always Christmas in Siberia
Santa practically lives in this town
Such a winter wonderland, Siberia
And I never have to take all of my lights down

*I can never quite make that line out...
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(no subject)

It's snowing here. Like, a lot. Like, officially "real snow" by any northerner's estimation.

And I almost assuredly lost my car keys in it last night.

It keeps snowing, too. Pretty much all through last night and today.
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At his Seattle screening of My Name is Bruce, Bruce Campbell was randomly asked whether we should bail out the auto companies. After dithering, he says "I'd bail them out, but I'd say 'You're fired, you're fired, you're all fired, we're gonna get some new people in here,' and stop making cars that burn any sort of carbon."

He got a big round of applause from this, of course. So I yelled out, in proper Seattle snark, "You're only saying that because you're in Seattle."

"What, you think I'm pandering to this crowd? Wanna go out and get vegetarian after this?" he replied.