Romulus (romulusnr) wrote,

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The snow has melted, everyone. Temp is steady at 40. We had strong winds today, there were evergreen bits everywhere, and a 2 second power blink. We're back to a normal Seattle winter.

I drifted up here wayward like a snowflake
And as soon as I arrived, I wished that I was home
But a good friend said: My man, this is your home now
Though it might be stark as a hole in hell, as cold as a frozen gnome*
I know you've come a long long way
From your sweet warm house in the USA
And cold has more than one way to turn you blue
But here we relieve the inner chill with a choice word or two

It's always Christmas in Siberia
Santa practically lives in this town
Such a winter wonderland, Siberia
And I never have to take all of my lights down

*I can never quite make that line out...
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