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Spent half the day yesterday running around North Seattle looking for vegetarian dress shoes. None of the veg-friendly shoe stores had any.

So I came back, empty-handed, went to the mall after dinner, and found four different styles of synthetic man-made-material men's dress shoes at Payless for $30.

self, raster

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Selfish desires are burning like fires
among those who hoard the gold
As they continue to keep the people asleep
and the truth from being told
Racism and greed keep the people in need
from getting what's rightfully theirs
Cheating, stealing and double dealing
as they exploit the people's fears

Now, Dow Jones owns the people's homes
and all the surrounding land
Buying and selling their humble dwelling
in the name of the Master Plan

Cause paper money is like a bee without honey
with no stinger to back him up
and those who stole the people's gold
are definitely corrupt

Credit cards, master charge, legacies of wills
real estate, stocks and bonds on coupon paper bills
Now the U.S. mints on paper prints, millions every day
and use the eagle as their symbol cause it's a bird of prey

The laurels of peace and the arrows of wars
are clutched very tightly in the eagles claws
filled with greed and lust,
and on the back of the dollar bill,
is the words IN GOD WE TRUST

But the dollar bill is their only God
and they don't even trust each other
for a few dollars more they'd start a war
to exploit some brother's mother

- Last Poets, "E Pluribus Unum" (1973)
self, raster

if these were posters

i would buy them.

and put them in my non-existent mancave, or something.

Michael Caine as Harry Palmer in Funeral in Berlin (1966)

Bob Gunton as Warden Norton in The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Yeah, they are both of old-styled men with horn-rimmed glasses holding a gun. I noticed that too. Something about that has an ironic classic kitsch to it.